Format: 2014-04-16
Format: 2014-04-16

04/14/2014 - 04/18/2014
Notes to Students

Class presentations of your projects/papers continues this week

Monday night - Ryrie chapter 66
Tuesday night - none
Wednesday night - Ryrie 67
Thursday night - Ryrie 68
Friday night - Study for Test on Pneumatology

04/07/2014 - 04/11/2014
Notes to Students

Welcome back!  May the Lord grant us special blessings as we finish out the final quarter of our studies in Systematic Theology.  
You will be presenting you senior projects to the class beginning Thursday of this week.

Monday night - Read Ryrie 61
Tuesday night - Ryrie 62
Wednesday night - Ryrie 63
Thursday night - Ryrie 64
Friday - Ryrie 65 (this is a long chapter)

03/24/2014 - 03/28/2014
Notes to Students

Monday night - none
Tuesday night - Study for Unit Test (Soteriology)
New Unit - Pneumatology - The Study of God the Holy Spirit
Wednesday night - Read Ryrie chapter 59
Thursday night - Read Ryrie chapter 60

No homework over the Spring Break

03/17/2014 - 03/21/2014
Notes to Students

Bring your Bibles and Ryrie to class each day this week, we'll be reading parts of Ryrie and Romans 9-11 in class.

Monday night - complete the revisions for the Bible 4 papers/projects, Phase 1, and resubmit them tomorrow.
Tuesday and Wed. nights - begin Phase two of Bible 4 projects - Presentations begin next week
Thursday night - Study for Unit Test on Soteriology (test will be tomorrow, Friday, covering Ryrie chapters 48-58 and class lecture notes)
Friday night - Prepare your presentations (Phase 3 of paper/project).

Extra Credit Option: In this unit, while we study Soteriology, you may listen to any of the Dr. S. Lewis Johnson's sermons on this topic.  Here is the link:
You are not to read the pdf transcripts of a message but listen to the audio message.  After listening to one sermon please tell me and I will give you a short quiz on a few things he mentions on the audio.  You are welcome to listen to as many as you want on this topic from this speaker but do so before we move on to the next unit. 

03/10/2014 - 03/14/2014
Notes to Students

Do not proceed to the interviews (Phase 2) until I review your papers (Phase 1).  You need my written approval before moving onto the next phase of actual interview.

Monday night - Ryrie 53
Tuesday night - Ryrie 54 (part 1, pages 358-362 (up to III. The Doctrine Summarized)
Wednesday night - Ryrie 54 (read the rest of the chapter from page 362-366)
Thursday night - Ryrie 55
Friday night - Ryrie 56

03/03/2014 - 03/07/2014
Notes to Students

Phase One of Senior Papers/Projects

Monday Night - Write a one page summary of the essential elements of the historical foundation of the world religion, cult, or Christian denomination that you are examining [12 point Times Roman Font].  Include Headings such as:
I.  Founder and Key People and Year Founded
II.  Foundational Events in the Formation of the Religion, Cult, or Denomination
III.  Growth and Major Periods of Expansion
IV.  Demographic Data about the Religioin, Cult or Denomination (e.g. location of headquarters, geographic regions, cultures size of following)

Tuesday Night - Write a minimum of two pages [typed 12 point Times Roman Font] summarizing the theological beliefs of the religion, cult, or denomination.  Use Bold Headings for each major division:
I.  Beleifs about the Bible and other Books or Writings that they Deem "Holy and Inspired and Authoritative"
II.  Beliefs about the attributes of God (Is there a God, is He a Triune God, how do they explain their deity)
III.  Beliefs about Jesus Christ (who do they say Jesus was and is; be careful to define their terms)
IV.  Beliefs about sin, salvation, and the afterlife
V.   Unique religious practices (what holidays to they observe and why, how is their worship/church/temple conducted and organized)

Wednesday night - Compile a list of ten questions and ten follow-up questions for the interview [make sure you include a question, asking their permission to film them and show the film/video in Bible class.  If you hope to upload the video on YouTube or another online provider, ask their permission while filming the video.  Questions should be arranged in strategic order.  Begin with simple questions that are non-confrontational (typed 12 point Times Romans font, using headings for the questions based on your theological outline).

Thursday Night - Type a 1/2 page detailing your interviewing and questioning strategies.  For example, you might begin by explaining where you will conduct the interview and why.  Then you will ask their permission to video and show the video.  Then you will ask their name and how they became involved with their religion, etc.

Friday night - no homework